Organicfest Celebration in Asheville, NC
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Organicfest founders Debi and Tom Athos Organicfest, Inc is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with a mission to grow organics through festive and fun edutaining events.

Organicfest was founded in 2000 (originally Pure Food Partners) by a small, yet awesome and dedicated group of folks who have shared their time, passion and expertise tirelessly throughout the years.

The annual Organicfest celebration was created in honor of National Organic Month to celebrate and spotlight the goodness of organics from seeds and farmers to fabrics
and  fashion.

Partnering with Asheville GreenWorks, we are proud
to present a low-impact green community event.

Organicfest, Inc. Celebrating and Promoting the Goodness of Organics!

Organicfest Contacts

Director: Debi Athos
Office: 828.253.2267
Mobile: 828.337.6114
Email: debi(at)
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Vendor Director: Tom Athos
Mobile: 828.279.2798
Email: tom(at)

Organicfest sponsor World's Best Carrot Cake

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