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Organic Consumers AssociationThe Organic Consumers Association is a public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption. We are a global clearinghouse for information and grassroots technical assistance. A wonderful organization!

National Organic Program

National Organic Program
Learn more about USDA organic  certification and rules

Center for Food SafetyThe Center
for Food Safety

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) provides leadership in legal, scientific, and grassroots efforts to address the increasing concerns about the impacts of our food production system on human health, animal welfare, and the environment.

Steve Wilson and Jane Akre

Jane AkreFormer Award Winning Fox New Reporters Turned Activists!
The whistle-blowing journalists, twice refused Fox offers of big-money deals to keep quiet about what they knew about rBGH (recombinant bovine Steve WIlsongrowth hormone) injected into cows to increase their milk supply. They filed their landmark lawsuit April 2, 1998 and survived three Fox efforts to have their case summarily dismissed.

Not Milk Not Milk
Read more about rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) in the milk supply at Robert Cohen's ~ the "notmilk man's" internet site. We recommend Robert's book:
Milk the Deadly Poison

GE Food AlertGE Food Alert  Genetically Engineered Food Alert is a coalition of seven organizations united in their commitment to testing and labeling genetically engineered food: Pesticide Action Network, Friends of the Earth, Organic Consumers Association, The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, National Environment Trust, Public Interest Research Group and the Center for Food Safety.
1200 18th Street, NW, 5th floor, Washington, DC 20036

Vegetarian Times magazineVegetarian Times delivers all the information readers need to live a more healthful lifestyle. Every month the magazine provides a variety of delicious meat-free recipes as well as cooking tips and entertaining suggestions. Also found in its pages is comprehensive coverage of the latest research on alternative health, fitness, nutrition and supplements.

amberwavesAmberwaves a network of concerned friends, families, farms, and communities devoted to preserving natural and organic rice, wheat, and other essential foods from the hazards of genetic engineering (GE). From "sea to shining sea," moms, dads, kids, teens, grandparents, friends, and neighbors are awakening to the need to protect whole grains—the traditional Staff of Life—and the intricate web of plant, animal, bird, and insect life that sustains the planet.

True Food NowThe True Food Network is a free service from Greenpeace, to connect consumers who want to take action to end the use of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients in our foods. The Network calls on food companies, like Kellogg's, to stop using GE ingredients in our food. By joining the Network you will be connected to thousands of other consumers from across the country who are saying no to the biotech industry's secret experiment with our food supply and saying yes to sustainably grown food.

Organic Trade AssociationThe
Organic Trade Association (OTA)
is a membership based business association representing the organic industry in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Members include growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer associations, brokers, manufacturers, consultants, distributors and retailers. Established in 1985 as the Organic Foods Production Association of North America, the Organic Trade Association works to promote organic products in the marketplace and to protect the integrity of organic standards.

Good Connections

Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability. The O’Mama Report

The O’Mama Report is an on-line resource for women who want to make the best possible decisions about organic agriculture and organic products. It is a community in which women share their experience, ideas and inspiration. Content for the site comes from members of the Organic Trade Association, the association for the organic industry in North America. All comments are welcome.

Raleigh Offices
A free service that helps businesses find the best
deals for premises in Raleigh and surrounding NC

Artful fun on a ring. AnimRings are spinning rings with actual animation cut into it! Sterling silver AnimRings are available in three designs: Kangaroo Mouse, Bird and Goldfish Spin! Check out our successful Kickstarter Project here

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